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Clean Air Direct

The Brief

Gil-lec is recognised as one of the UK's leading electrical wholesalers, specialising in offering a wide range of high-quality electrical products and solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Gil-lec have expertise in various electrical domains, and with a new brand launching ‘Clean Air Direct’ they needed a new website. Gil-lec faced the challenge of managing multiple websites for different purposes which means constantly liaising with developers for simple updates. They sought a streamlined approach to this new brand website and hope in future to consolidate their web presence and simplify maintenance tasks across their platforms with Shopify being the preferred e-commerce solution.

Our Process

As with all our projects, we started with in-depth research into Gil-lec's business and products, understanding their website objectives and desired outcomes. We delved into understanding how visitors would navigate the site and the issues they aimed to resolve.

The new website aimed to serve as a knowledge hub, offering users access to relevant information and practical solutions. Catering to a diverse user base, from individual homeowners seeking simple solutions to developers and architects in need of tailored ventilation systems, posed a unique challenge. Our goal was to ensure seamless access to relevant information and solutions, whether through straightforward product purchases or the provision of complex schematics and documentation for bespoke solutions. 

To embody Gil-lec's promotion of clean air, our team crafted a fresh logo symbolising purity, which served as the foundation for a clean and uncluttered brand aesthetic carried over to the website design. With ample white space, the website was designed to feel open and inviting. 

Central to our approach was optimising the user journey, given the varied user types visiting the site. Ensuring a smooth and efficient navigation experience was paramount to meeting the needs of Gil-lec's diverse audience.


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Our Solution

The brand and website are designed to facilitate users' efficient understanding of their challenges and enable them to find the appropriate solutions seamlessly, all within a few clicks. Whether users require a fully customised solution for a social housing project or a straightforward replacement filter, the innovative website caters to both ends of the spectrum and everything in-between.

The streamlined back-end functionality empowers Gil-lec to update and manage the website effortlessly, eliminating the need for dedicated developers or technical expertise. The outcome is a clean, uncluttered design that effectively showcases the knowledge and expertise of the Gil-lec team.