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Grind and Brew

The Brief

Alexander is the coffee connoisseur of Vienna. Ranging from the strongest coffee beans to machines and equipment for every use, chances are this coffee boutique has everything you need, whether you are a home brewer or an expert barista. 

Grind and Brew were already on the Shopify Platform prior to engaging Thrive’s services. However, they were struggling with their site’s functionality and wanted to have a more fitting and professional online presence.

Our Solution

Our goal was not only that of improving the user journey and navigation across the site, but also offering a similar service to customers online as their in-store experience. By means of a guided quiz that helps customers find the perfect coffee machine for their needs we managed to achieve a level of consultation that was missing online prior to our partnership with Grind and Brew. We also helped set up a subscription service, because there is no such thing as too much coffee.



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