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Single Variety Co

The Brief

Single Variety Co are unique in their preserves offering, as the company name suggests, their jams, marmalades and preserves are all made with just one variety of fruit or chilli to create their jam-azing products, with award winning success.

Nicola and the Single Variety team have been making quite a name for themselves with their products already stocked in prestigious retailers like Selfridges and Waitrose. However they recognised the need for a brand update and a complete website makeover. Their goals include improving functionality, enhancing the user experience, and simplifying the presentation of their products for easy navigation.

Single Variety's passion for jam making, the numerous awards and their core values were essential elements that needed to shine through in the new website. Additionally, they wanted to showcase their delicious seasonal offerings. Thrive were delighted to bring our creative touch to this exciting jam focused project.

Our Process

Working closely with Nicola we had the pleasure of translating her vision into an inspiring website. Immersing ourselves in the world of jam, we personally sampled the products, gaining a genuine appreciation for their quality. (It's no surprise that Single Variety Co has attracted even more customers since!) Our team developed the brand, resulting in a fresh, clean website design adorned with vibrant imagery that beautifully showcases the exceptional ingredients used in each jam. To highlight the product's unique selling points, Thrive crafted eye-catching icons. We also devised a creative solution to present essential information such as ingredients, shelf life, and nutritional details in a user-friendly format.

Enhancing the shopping experience, we introduced a gift-wrapping feature to the store and incorporated customer reviews for each product. Recognising the significance of user-friendly navigation, we integrated features like a stockist locator, a FAQ section, and an array of delectable recipes that make the most of Single Variety's award-winning jam.


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Our Solution

In collaboration with Single Variety Co, we had the opportunity to craft a brand that truly accentuates Single Variety's product offerings. We prioritised simplicity and a well-designed user journey to ensure that their jams took centre stage. Through stunning imagery, we conveyed the use of the freshest and finest ingredients in each jam. 

Our design approach was one of simplicity and elegance, coupled with practical functionality. Allowing us to completely transform Single Variety's online presence. It's a 'jam-tastic' solution!