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YSD Events

The Brief

YSD Events plan and design elegant, high-end events for an exclusive crowd that includes big brands and celebrities, such as Vera Wang and Michael Kors. Each event is totally bespoke, with the intricate details that make it an everlasting memory for their client and guests fine-tuned to perfection. Whether clients are looking for a wedding, social event, charity dinner, or corporate do, YSD brings a touch of class to the occasion.

YSD were already on the Shopify Platform prior to engaging Thrive’s services. However, they were struggling with their site’s functionality and couldn’t easily update it to suit their needs. They also needed to elevate the brand and enhance the customer experience

Our Process

We were tasked with updating and refreshing YSD’s website, giving them more control and showcasing their brand in its best light. Rebuilding their website from scratch meant that we could create a fresh and inspirational website that fit this brief, which included elegance of appearance and performance as one of its key deliverables.


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Our Solution

We designed custom pages that reflected their talent and expertise in design and planning. We offered solutions to their current issues by creating a more functional website with an improved user experience for both YSD and their client. This means YSD are now in control of their new site.

The result is a beautifully designed website which is bespoke to YSD’s needs, and makes doing online business in the elegant world of premium events easier than it’s ever been before.