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The Music Walk Of Fame

The Brief

Inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Lee Bennett decided that Camden was a fitting location for the Music Walk of Fame. Camden has inspired, produced, and nurtured so many artists. It is almost a rite of passage to play in one of its numerous venues. It is perhaps the global music capital of the world. 
How to put the MWOF on the map and make it accessible to music lovers all over the world is where Thrive became involved. With names like David Bowie, Amy Winehouse and The Who, Thrive's job was to originate the brand and website, creating an online presence that would direct audiences attending events. It was also important for fans to be able to purchase merchandise to remember the occasion. 

Our Process

After conversations with the MWOF team, Thrive immersed themselves into the world of music to better understand the industry.
Concentrating on elevating the website performance and user experience was key. Giving users a better understanding of MWOF and ensuring fans know exactly where they can find their favourite artists stones was also an important aspect which we focused on. 
The launch of the new site was also to coincide with the release of the David Bowie movie ‘Moonage Daydream’, so timing was critical. 


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Our Solution

A clear, easy to navigate site, putting music at the forefront, and showcasing the artists. We included features to ensure users could easily find stones and buy merchandise, listen to their favourite artists and above all be part of the experience of the David Bowie stone unveiling, which was live streamed on the site, enabling fans from around the world to take part in the event.
We are proud to say that as a result, MWOF are working with Disney next year to promote the attraction and bring it to the attention of even more music fans.