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The Brief

CLUBHATZ is a young, dynamic family start-up from Austria that tries to make golf more stylish with cool and high-quality golf accessories. After their successful venture into the golf world, the originally self-designed and self-made Shopify website needed a new look that fully reflected CLUBHATZ’ vision, fitting of the brand it had grown into.

Thrive’s partnership with CLUBHATZ ensued, with a clear goal in mind: Bring their vision to life, through a style that fully reflects their brand, a cool, crazy and quirky look offering functional user journeys that encapsulate CLUBHATZ’ uniqueness.

Our Process

After several conversations and meetings, the next step was a deep dive into CLUBHATZ’ world, picking the brand apart and understanding each and every element of it. Then came an industry research, encompassing competitors, industry leaders, aspirational brands and much more. With all the information gathered we were then ready to apply our findings and work our magic on their new website. Working on style, design, UX, UI and also functionality, because not only do they sell headcovers for golfclubs and accessories for golfers, but they also partner with businesses and professionals to create beautifully bespoke custom designs. 


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Our Solution

We needed to give more professionalism and personality to CLUBHATZ’ online presence by elevating it, which is why, in close partnership with them, we developed their brand creating a stronger colour palette, custom icons, animations and backgrounds, needing to set the right tone of voice and give the CLUBHATZ experience throughout all their website. 

It didn’t stop there… The positioning of their services has been improved, highlighting the amazing partnerships that produced some pretty special designs, as well as offering more choice to their customers with bundles and other unmissable deals. CLUBHATZ’ visitors can now fully immerse themselves in their cool world, admire all of their custom designs, have a custom design made or quickly buy their new favourite headcovers and just look better on the golf course.