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The Brief

BrewKegTap – it’s all in the name. The ultimate destination for all things home brewing. From new starters to seasoned experts, BKT has got your brewing needs covered, conveniently with everything in one place. 

While BKT offered a treasure trove of brewing essentials, navigating the website could be a challenge for customers, especially newcomers. Despite the founder providing excellent service, the website did not reflect the products and services on offer. The backend functionality needed a revamp, as years of product additions had turned it into an administrative headache. It was time for a change...

Our Process

Our journey began with thorough research, delving deep into the world of home brewing. We spent valuable time with Jonny, gaining insights into how customers navigate the site and uncovering the numerous advantages of purchasing from BKT. 

With a focus on reinventing the brand, we introduced a fresh aesthetic with an impactful colour scheme and enhanced visuals. We prioritised a seamless user experience amidst the extensive product range. We also incorporated features to enable customised kits and easily add forgotten essentials to the cart. 

Highlighting BKT's narrative was crucial; it's not just about the top-notch products they offer but also the unparalleled customer experience. The team at BKT boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise, constantly upgrading equipment to better serve their clientele.


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Our Solution

Introducing a sleek, contemporary design that features a user-friendly interface, seamless navigation and efficient access to products, assistance, and support.

Customers enjoy the convenience of tailoring their purchases to their exact needs, with the option to customise individual components of kits.

Behind the scenes, the revamped backend system matches the smoothness of the user journey, putting an end to cumbersome administrative tasks.

Our collaboration with BKT went beyond just launching a new website; it was a chance to showcase the exceptional quality products, service, and expertise offered by the team. The updated brand and website surpassed expectations, providing a space that effortlessly integrates functionality and valuable information.