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The Brief

The Lafferty story may date back to 19th century when the Irish family moved from Donegal to Scotland, however this story starts with Claudia a descendant of Lafferty's and Alberto, a couple on a journey to create a growing range of premium spirits in Scotland and bring the influence and ingredients of the Mediterranean.
Lafferty’s knew they needed a site that would reflect the brand and their passion for spirits. The site needed to be equipped for ecommerce and be able grow with them on their journey.

Our Process

Once again Thrive were submersed into the gin and spirits world, understanding the journey that Claudia and Alberto had embarked upon and the destination they were heading was hugely important as this reflected the overall brand. A clean, uncomplicated design was created to showcase the various spirits in the range.


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Our Solution

Delivering 3 individual products, each with their own unique blend under one brand required a modest design where the products could speak for themselves, showcasing their individual characteristics. A clean navigation from which users can quickly purchase their favourite drink and of course, learn more about the Lafferty story was also essential. The addition of subtle moving graphics adds to the elegance.