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GOTA Coffee Experts

The Brief

GOTA is ‘the speciality coffee shop’ of Vienna. We have been tasked with elevating GOTA’s online presence and make it reflect their beautiful café, as well as replicating the experience customers get when visiting their bricks and mortar shop. As coffee experts, GOTA are able to guide you towards your preferred type of coffee and the most convenient/best brewing equipment for your needs. The functionality needed by GOTA was already working perfectly on their old Shopify website, meaning that customers could buy coffee, sign up for a coffee subscription, participate in specialised brewing or latte art workshops or book a table at their café. Our job was that of better positioning these products and services, mapping them out into an easy and straightforward user journey while giving a professional and consistent online branding that fully reflected GOTA’s vision and brand.

Our Process

We kicked off this exciting project with extensive research, paired with our already existing knowledge of the coffee industry gained thanks to our previous projects. We had to understand how GOTA adds value to their customers and translate that into an engaging and seamless online purchasing experience.

Thrives contribution to our clients’ businesses does not stop at delivering an effective and professional website. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we act as business consultants, giving you tips, ideas and insights that will help improve the performance of your online business, depending on your own specific needs. In the case of GOTA, we suggested and actioned a better division and positioning of their products and services, an improved navigation, a more efficient and automated delivery to clients of their workshop’s digital assets and a more compelling story and portrayal of their successes over the years. Additionally, we also advised on how best to shoot new imagery and videos going forward in order to continue enhancing their online presence.


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Our Solution

In order to elevate GOTA’s online presence, we developed custom icons to keep the branding consistent and professional across all pages of their new website. We even went a step further creating custom graphics to educate customers about the main flavour notes of each coffee on offer, enabling GOTA to guide visitors to their preferred type of coffee bean. GOTA also needed a more compelling and engaging story telling. Which is why we copywrote text for the ‘About’ page which was absent from the original website, in order to tell visitors about their story and what made GOTA the speciality coffee shop’ of Vienna.