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Mixologist's Garden

The Brief

The team at Mixologist's Garden bring a novel twist to drink garnishing. As the UK's leading fruit supplier, Mixologist's Garden distinguish themselves through their inventive method of freeze-drying fruits, elevating the flavour and presentation of your beverages.

You can spot Mixologist's creations gracing the bars of numerous pubs, including Mitchells & Butlers, as well as family-friendly hubs like Centre Parcs. With recent expansions into major supermarkets, they sought a website that embodies the versatility of their products, along with an e-commerce platform for direct consumer purchases.

Thrive and Mixologist's Garden joined forces to develop their brand and create an exceptional website solution, that truly represented the success of this new product launch.

Our Process

After spending time with Marcel and immersing ourselves in their diverse offerings; complete with sampling their unique products, we set about refreshing the brand. We transitioned them from being a garnish to becoming the sought after product when celebrating special moments at home or out with friends.

Moving seamlessly from brand revitalisation, our focus shifted to creating a website design that not only prioritised user experience but also effectively communicated the benefits of using their products.

In addition to the website overhaul, we curated a specialised recipe section, enriching the user experience by providing a one-stop hub that offers valuable insight and guidance on enjoying Mixologist products to their potential.

Acknowledging the importance of nurturing relationships with commercial partners, we thoughtfully integrated a dedicated page tailored to prospective suppliers and resellers, simplifying the process for them to engage and seamlessly connect with Mixologist's Garden.


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Our Solution

Presenting a vibrant design that not only catches the eye but seamlessly guides users to discover products, recipes, and understand the intricacies of the freeze-drying process. This site is a harmonious blend of form, function and effortless navigation.

With the integration of e-commerce, consumers are able to make purchases with ease, enjoying these bar quality garnishes at home.

The backend functionality has been streamlined to ensure that simplicity remains at the forefront of the user experience and the site has been future-proofed for products to come.