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Standard Sound Solutions

The Brief

Behold, sound lovers! This is everything but a black speaker box. Standard Sound Solutions is all about perfect sound, individual design and Austrian craftsmanship. After trying different up-cycled compounds to create their speakers, Markus and Robert now 3D print as many of their components as possible and make each piece by hand in order to achieve the highest quality of sound. 

Our task was to elevate their online presence, accurately position the craftsmanship, uniqueness and quality of their speakers, as well as develop their brand and enable them to sell their products online. With every product being custom made to order and a high degree of personalisation available, we needed to position both the standard and the individualised solutions and explain the technicality and uniqueness of the speakers. With the goal of giving SSS a much more professional and efficient website. 

Our Process

First came the analysis and research of the stereo and equipment industry, followed by a careful review of Standard Sound Solutions’ online presence, their products, USPs and vision. We established that SSS needed to refresh their brand identity. Therefore, we started by developing a more fitting color palette, redesigning their logo as well as designing custom graphics and icons, and working on their imagery to better portray their speakers.

We then rolled out SSS’ new identity onto their new website.


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Our Solution

Shopify is the solution that made the most sense, since they needed to sell their products online and required a platform with an easy to use interface in order to keep the site updated and optimised.

We have helped them improve the user journey offered to their customers, who can now purchase standard speakers, personalise them, or enquire to get a fully customised and individualised solutions. 

The results speak for themselves, and this project stakes its claim for the uplift of the year award.