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K9 Club

The Brief

K9 Club, established by Andy more than 9 years ago, benefits from his extensive background as a former police and military dog handler. Andy transitioned into the realm of Dog Training in Warwickshire, capitalising on his years of experience.

Faced with a digital landscape where their existing website was outdated and lacked features offered by competitors, K9 Club realised the need for a significant website update to better align with their offerings and capabilities. Thrive engaged in thorough discussions to fully understand K9 Club's aspirations and challenges, with a clear objective in mind: to provide K9 Club with an online platform equipped to meet evolving market demands and match industry standards. This transformation aimed to incorporate essential features such as online booking, purchases, and detailed information on each Dog Training session, all while enhancing the website's design and user experience.

Our Process

We initiated the process by redesigning K9 Club's logo in order to reflect their values and connect with their audience. Given their well-established presence in Warwickshire, it was crucial for K9 Club's brand to be both memorable and impactful, ensuring consistency across their website, social media, staff attire, documents, and vehicles.

A pivotal move in the transformation involved transitioning their website to an e-commerce platform, providing K9 Club options for online bookings, it also ensured complete autonomy over content management. This empowered them to effortlessly maintain an updated and modernised online presence. Leveraging our versatile design and development expertise, we overhauled their website to deliver an intuitive user experience, seamless navigation, and the integration of an online store to facilitate the sale of their offerings to existing customers.

We curated compelling content detailing their courses, staff, and achievements, fostering a comprehensive and immersive digital space that resonates with their audience.


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Our Solution

The collaboration resulted in a transformative solution for K9 Club. We delivered a refreshed brand identity, a seamlessly navigable website, and enhanced e-commerce capabilities. The new logo and brand identity injected vitality into their online presence, harmonising seamlessly with the new website. K9 Club now wields complete control over their content, adapting swiftly to online trends. The integration of an online store empowers them to sell products and facilitate online bookings and payments for training sessions.

K9 are su-paw happy with their new brand and website and it has helped them reignite their passion in what they do.