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The Brief

The Very Happy Belly Company are on a mission, not only to deliver, literally deliver great quality pre-measured ingredients, so you can get straight to the good bit – baking! But they are also dedicated to creating a supportive community of bakers who are looking to connect, learn and prioritise their mental wellbeing.

Sophie, founder of the Very Happy Belly Company knew that to create her vision of a ‘baking community’ a new website was required, not only to showcase the tasty treats and bakes customers subscribe to, but share her knowledge in educating customers about the benefits of baking.

Our Solution

By listening to Sophie and understanding the reasons behind the very happy belly company, we were able to convey her belief of positivity and bringing people together through baking. The new website is light and airy, just like a good sponge, feels fresh and uplifting. The power of baking is truly inspirational.



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