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The Brief

VYN is the epitome of luxury, high quality sneakers, crafted for comfort, design and longevity. Catherine and Stefan created the world’s first repairable sneaker, it was only fitting their website was bound to be as eye-catching, engaging and innovative as their product. However, when VYN reached out to us they needed help reflecting their incredible brand online. They needed to communicate so many new features never seen before on a sneaker, while offering a unique user journey online.

Catherine and Stefan have such a contagious passion and drive that it has been an absolute pleasure working together to finally bring their vision of their website to life.

Our Solution

We dived head first into VYN’s world and the sneaker world to understand as much as possible about the brand and the industry. The result was a clean and interactive user journey, made exceptional by the amazing imagery of the products. We carefully planned the structure of the site, making a simple user journey that would communicate quickly and thoroughly why VYN sneakers stand out from the rest. Whether you want to know everything about the manufacturing, materials, idea behind the brand or just buy your new favourite pair of shoes, our solution offers it all.


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