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Jacques Motorhome & Caravan Specialists

The Brief

Jacques UK are the experts in aftermarket accessories for motorhomes, caravans, and camper vans. The only hitch? Their existing offerings were not inline with their vision for the future, and their desire to enter the world of e-commerce. They wanted their customers to easily buy products and choose whether to have them fitted or delivered direct to their door. The brand and website needed to be aspirational, informative and have the functionality to eliminate the number of inbound calls they receive each day, making them the go-to, up and coming experts in their field. 

Our Process

So, how did we tackle this mission? First, we spent time working alongside Gareth and the team to understand his business and the client requirements. We then immersed ourselves in their products and services, in order to come up with an automated solution that worked seamlessly online. Together, we crafted a strategy that reconstructed their brand and created a new e-commerce website.

Our team went to work creating a fresh, clean identity, logo and brand that transferred over to the website design which perfectly encapsulated their audience. User experience was key, ensuring a journey through the website that was clear and efficient. 

Jacques' new website now enables them to house everything in one central system; from bookings to inventory. Spending less time on admin allows them to dedicate more time to each job and provide the great customer service they are known for.


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Our Solution

A brand and website that not only encapsulates the audience but is a joy to navigate. Users can now effortlessly look for products, book fittings, and even make direct purchases – all in one place.

The integration of an e-commerce system allows Jacques users to snap up products without requiring a fitting. Phone calls take a backseat, as the process is streamlined, allowing the team to focus on what they do best. 

Our ongoing collaboration with Jacques isn't just a project; it's a transformation. The new logo and website exceeded expectations, providing a space that effortlessly combines aspiration, functionality, e-commerce and education.