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Grind and Brew Success Story

A tale of a month-on-month sales increase of over 200%. Grind and Brew’s journey from a hotel room in Dubai to a speciality coffee business in Vienna is certainly an inspiring one. 

Founders Alexander and Iryna had a clear goal in mind when they started the business: to bring their customers’ favourite espresso from the café into the home. This meant researching all the different brewing methods and mills available to ensure that they were offering their customers the best brew on the market.

Grind and Brew

You can see the result of this research on display at the Schönbrunner Strasse 55 in Vienna, where Grind and Brew are located. There, you will find the crème de la crème of coffee machines’ – brands such as La Pavoni, Flair®, Baratza, Chemex®, AeroPress®, Hario, Subminimal®, 1Zpress, Comandante®, Rhinoware and more. But if a trip to Vienna is currently out of the question, don’t despair – you can also admire and purchase them directly on

Grind and Brew’s careful product selection and great location let it build a successful brick and mortar business. But, despite a strong online presence, ecommerce sales didn’t follow. That’s when Thrive got involved to help Grind and Brew understand why they were struggling to sell online, and help them become as successful in this world as they were in the offline one.

The Results

Fast forward to halfway through March 2022, after weeks of hard work, Grind and Brew’s new website was ready to launch. The result? 

A record increase in sales from April to May of 217%!

In their first full month of trading with a new website, Grind and Brew saw their most successful May on record. Even more impressive, the company didn’t just see a larger number of orders made, it also saw the average value of each order increase by an incredible 22% from the prior month.

Grind and Brew sold more coffee machines, equipment, and spare parts than ever before in this period. This was not a coincidence.

How did Thrive revolutionise Grind and Brew’s ecommerce business?

It was clear to us from the outset that the only thing holding Grind and Brew’s online shop back was its lack of intuitive UX and UI design. We reconceived these elements, making use of engaging and informative digital tools to help customers identify the right products for them, such as a guided quiz. We also added a coffee subscription service and  sprinkled our magic knowledge of Shopify and ecommerce all over the site, ensuring everything was optimised to deliver the most powerful ecommerce offering possible.

Are you chasing the same kind of success for your business?
If you recognise any of the difficulties facing your business in Grind and Brew’s story, then get in touch with Thrive today. We can help you to maximise your business’ potential and help you elevate your brand. Head over to our case study pages to view more of our work.


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