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10 ways to boost your ecommerce success with email automations

Running a successful ecommerce website requires more than just offering great products. It's crucial to engage with your customers at every stage of their journey, from their first interaction to post-purchase follow-ups. An amazing way to engage with your customers and boost your sales is by setting up email-marketing automations for your customers. There are so many different automations available that you can use to market your customers and gain more sales. Each automation can be completely customised to match your brand values.

In this blog post, we'll explore the different automations you can implement on your ecommerce website to maximise customer engagement and drive conversions. Let's dive into the power of automation. 

  1. Abandoned cart

Abandoned carts are a common challenge for ecommerce businesses. By sending automated emails to customers who leave items in their carts without completing the purchase, you can remind them of the products they were interested in and provide an incentive to complete the transaction, such as a limited-time discount or free shipping offer. Or you can simply just tempt them to make the purchase with a reminder.

  1. Abandoned checkout

Similar to abandoned carts, abandoned checkout automations target customers who initiated the checkout process but didn't complete the purchase. These automated emails can address any potential concerns, offer assistance, and provide incentives to encourage customers to finalise their purchase.

  1. Post-purchase thank you

Expressing gratitude to customers is essential for building lasting relationships. Automated post-purchase thank you emails serve as a gesture of appreciation, providing an opportunity to express thanks, request product reviews, and encourage customers to explore related products or join loyalty programs. This will improve your customer relationships and build a positive experience for the customer. 

  1. Follow-up on purchases

By sending targeted follow-up emails based on specific product purchases, you can provide customers with valuable information, such as usage tips, care instructions, or complimentary product recommendations. This proactive approach demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and fosters a positive post-purchase experience.

  1. First purchase upsell

After a customer makes their first purchase, you can utilise automated upsell emails to suggest complimentary or related products. By showcasing additional items that enhance the customer's initial purchase, you can increase average order value and encourage repeat purchases. You could even attach a discount to encourage them to make a purchase again.

  1. Customer winback

For customers who haven't made a purchase in a while, automated winback emails can help re-engage them. By sending personalised messages offering exclusive discounts or highlighting new products, you can remind dormant customers of their positive past experiences with your brand and entice them to make another purchase. 

  1. Reward your best customers

Identify and appreciate your most loyal customers or highest spenders by sending them exclusive offers, coupons, or downloads. This automation not only strengthens customer loyalty but also encourages them to continue choosing your brand over competitors.

  1. Happy birthday messages with a discount

Celebrate your customers' birthdays by sending personalised emails that include a special discount or a free gift. This thoughtful gesture not only makes customers feel valued but also drives them to visit your store and make a purchase during their birthday month.

  1. Back in stock email

When a product that was previously out of stock becomes available again, automated back in stock emails can notify interested customers. By leveraging this automation, you create a sense of urgency and help customers secure the products they've been eagerly awaiting.

  1.  Welcome new subscriber

Instantly engage with customers who sign up for your newsletter or join your email list through a dedicated welcome email. This automation can provide a warm introduction, highlight key products or features, and offer a special discount to incentivise a first-time purchase. 

Email marketing automation is a powerful tool for ecommerce stores to engage with customers and drive conversions. By implementing these different automations, you can create meaningful interactions, enhance customer loyalty and drive more sales through your website. Many of our client’s have seen increased sales and increased average order value when using marketing automations.

There are many different ways you can set up email marketing automations. Shopify offers a free marketing automation on its platform which is easy to use and set up. Alternatively, email marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo can be integrated with your website to create automated email flows.

Before you get started with creating your email marketing automations, it is crucial to guarantee that your website and landing page are optimised to their fullest potential. After all, there is no point investing money in your marketing if your website is not working hard either.

If you need help getting your website ready and working to its peak performance, but don’t know where to start, get in touch with one of our team to discuss how we can help you maximise your online potential. We are experts in website design and email template automations, allowing your marketing investments to yield maximum returns.

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