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Sienna X

The Brief

Starting 15 years ago with just a spray tan gun and a spray tent to now: Stocking in major retailers such as Superdrug and Feel Unique, Sienna X are the “Experts in Tan”. Sienna X’s expert tan and skincare products have received many awards, with even greater potential in their grasp, we knew that Sienna X was going to be an exciting project.

Originally, Sienna X hosted their website on WordPress, however as their brand was quickly growing, they wanted to improve both the user experience and the functionality for themselves. We needed to ensure that Sienna X were able to update their website effortlessly to meet the current trends in the beauty industry. Their new website also needed to be able to handle the increase in demand for their products.

Sienna X wanted a fresh, clean and pristine website that reflected their company with a simplified user experience. That’s where Thrive came in!

Our Process

There were many new features that we added into Sienna X’s website so that their brand kept up to date with the current trends and demands in the beauty industry. By completing extensive research into the fake tan and beauty industry, we identified ways in which we could enhance the user experience and help Sienna X stand out from their competitors. 

Including features such as a Therapist Locator, add-to-cart buttons, a ‘fake tan quiz’, and a tips and tricks section would all help improve the user experience throughout the site.


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Our Solution

The result of our work was a beautiful, clean website with a perfected user experience that met the demands of Sienna X’s target audience. A rethought user journey and simple changes to the site navigation helps customers find the products they need quickly and easily. The new added features turn the online experience to one as good as a therapist experience, with the brand being showcased throughout the website.