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10 ways to super charge your brand loyalty

You can have the best brand, strategy, and creative in the world. But if your business can’t live up to the values that sit at its core, you’re going to run into trouble: brand loyalty will crumble.

However, consistently delivering on those values – and going above and beyond when the time is right – will see your brand loyalty shoot through the roof. That, as many businesses have discovered on their path to growth, is the golden ticket. Below, we offer ten top tips to give your customers the service they deserve – and ramp up brand loyalty as a result!

1. ALWAYS be authentic
Make sure your brand is a real representation of your business, then live up to the values at its core! There are no off-days; deliver on your promises 100% of the time.

2. Put quality on a pedestal
Quality is key in two ways: first, make sure your product or service offers your customers something of real value. And second, make sure that you never let the quality of your operation slip.

3. Customer service, customer service, customer service!
Life is life so eventually, things will go wrong. What separates the winners from the losers is how they deal with it. You need to maintain top level customer service at all times: fail, and you lose customers. Succeed, and you gain brand ambassadors.

4. Be good!
There is significant scientific literature that suggests consumers are drawn to brands that engage in charitable, environmental, or other morally praiseworthy work – and don’t talk about it. Do good things, let others tell people about it.

5. Don’t leave them hanging
This should be business 101: if someone’s sent you a message, reply! If you recently made a sale, give them a call and see how everything’s going! Stay in touch, and build a reliable relationship with your customers.

6. But PLEASE stop spamming them
This point is the ‘other half’ of the last one. Build relationships? Yes. But spam? No. Stop sending customers things they don’t want or need – otherwise, they will learn to ignore you.

7. The power of personalisation
In our data-driven age, there is no excuse for not personalising your marketing. Who are your customers, and what do they want? Learn how to talk to them – not a generic ‘audience’.

8. Your customers have valuable insights – listen to them
Whether it’s negative or positive, your customers will have feedback for you. Ignore it at your peril – it could be your path to becoming a better brand.

9. Anticipate your customers’ needs
Meeting your customers’ needs is one thing – anticipating them will earn you loyalty for life. Everyone likes to find themselves properly catered for, whether that’s through a generous warranty, or an unexpected aftercare service. Remember – you’re the expert in your industry, not them: you should know what they need before they do.

10. Don’t go it alone
Do you know a business with values close to yours and a product or service that compliments your own? If so, collaboration could help you to offer your customers a more comprehensive service while exposing you to a whole new audience in your new partner’s customer base!

Brand loyalty is reflected every time customers come into contact with your business. At Kiss we ensure you are making the most of each opportunity, get in touch via the contact uspage or call 01675 446 101 to discuss how we can help increase your brand loyalty.

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