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The Brief

Carifit, a leading brand in baby carriers and wellbeing platform for new parents, approached us as they needed a website with an enhanced user experience and with an integrated shop to coincide with an upcoming event. The original plan was to update their existing site in order to meet a strict deadline. However, after discussing the requirements with the client, it soon became apparent the limitations this would cause and decided it would be more efficient and effective to start a fresh. With a tight deadline of just one week, we were determined to deliver exceptional results. Carifit wanted to improve mobile responsiveness, create a more user-friendly interface, and add pages to support their business and customers. However, the most important addition was that they wanted to incorporate a shop feature that was previously absent from their website.

Our Process

We embarked on this project with unwavering commitment and a clear vision. Ensuring it was both visually appealing and user-friendly. We integrated the shop feature seamlessly into the site, allowing customers to make purchases effortlessly through the checkout.  

Understanding the importance of user experience, we optimised the website for flawless mobile responsiveness. Customers can now navigate through its engaging content effortlessly. We also adapted their language to be more user-friendly. To captivate their audience, we redesigned the icons, ensuring they caught the customer's eye and drew attention to Carifit's unique selling points. By incorporating more videos and gifs throughout the site, we added dynamic elements and created a sense of community without compromising the site's speed. 

We perfected the product page by including how-to guide videos to help new parents feel confident and at ease when using the carrier. We also addressed frequently asked questions, ensuring that any queries are dealt with, and pulled out the key-features of their product to highlight why customers should choose Carifit. 


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Our Solution

Despite the extremely tight deadline, we successfully delivered a perfected website with an improved user journey. Carifit's new website now aligns seamlessly with their brand identity, showcasing their dedication to providing top-of-the-range baby carriers. With a refreshed design, optimised mobile responsiveness, and the addition of a shop feature, Carifit is now poised to attract and convert more customers. 

We have also developed an affiliate program page that enables Carifit's affiliates to earn commissions through their unique referral links. This not only helps Carifit expand its reach but also nurtures a strong network of brand advocates. We also seamlessly integrated Klarna into the website, providing customers with flexible payment options that suit their needs.