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CAPE Coaching & Development

The Brief

CAPE Coaching & Development provides training programs and coaching predominately tailored to individuals in managerial roles, aiming to foster their growth and skills.

With a diverse array of services, CAPE utilises its website as a primary platform to inform customers by delivering comprehensive information about its various courses. Recognising the need for an updated brand and website to better reflect the journey that CAPE have been on since they started, CAPE sought to introduce new web pages that would enhance customer engagement and offer an improved user experience. The existing website was laden with extensive text, which didn’t adequately reflect the substantial research that had been invested to reach this stage.

Our Process

Our primary objective with CAPE was to ensure that all essential course information remained concise and readily accessible for users, prioritising clarity and readability. To enhance information accessibility, we introduced visually explanatory icons to illustrate their unique selling points (USPs) and key details.

Before engaging our services, CAPE's website comprised only four pages: the homepage, resources, FAQs, and testimonials. However, several crucial sections were absent. We integrated a contact page for streamlined service booking, a comprehensive page outlining their programs and services, including session details, an 'About Us' page elucidating their identity and mission, and a valuable downloads section offering research reports and program overviews.

Through in-depth industry research and continued collaboration with Lynsey and Naomi, we reimagined the user journey, making it exceptionally user-friendly, allowing customers to effortlessly locate the information they require.


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Our Solution

CAPE's website has undergone a complete transformation and now stands as an excellent marketing asset for engaging prospective clients. The website meticulously outlines CAPE's service offerings while showcasing their exceptional benefits and remarkable results. The fresh design not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures the seamless delivery of information, thereby improving the user journey.

Moreover, by integrating Google Reviews directly onto their website, CAPE has streamlined and automated the review process, enabling customers to leave feedback that updates in real-time on the site. This feature enhances user engagement and credibility, bolstering CAPE's online presence.