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CLUBHATZ Success Story

How Thrive enhanced CLUBHATZ’ online presence and increased their conversion rate by 179%

CLUBHATZ is a company that specialises in designing cool and crazy golf headcovers. CLUBHATZ have been in business for a few years and had an existing website, but it didn't really reflect their quirky, cool, and crazy brand. CLUBHATZ turned to our expertise in designing websites and developing brands to achieve their full potential and help them improve their online presence.

We worked with CLUBHATZ to create a website that matched their one-of-a-kind style by changing the layout, design, and functionality of the site. The result was a visually striking and immersive experience that captured the brand's essence. We incorporated custom graphics, videos, icons and even CLUBHATZ custom fonts were used to ensure the website accurately represented CLUBHATZ's unique personality.

179% increase in conversion rates

75% increase in returning customers

15% increase in average order value

The Results

Since the new website went live in November 2022, CLUBHATZ has seen a significant improvement in its online performance.

A 179% increase in conversion rates, a 75% increase in returning customers, and a 15% increase in average order size compared to the same period in the previous year.

The new website has had a massive impact on the company's B2B revenues, with an average of one custom design enquiry per week over the past six months. One of the key factors that contributed to this success was our ability to improve the positioning of CLUBHATZ's custom golf headcover design services. By highlighting this aspect of the company's offerings, they were able to attract more business from clients interested in this bespoke service.

How did Thrive revolutionise CLUBHATZ' ecommerce business?

Thanks to our expertise and attention to detail, CLUBHATZ was able to enhance their brand and increase their B2B revenues. The company is now better positioned to attract new customers and expand their business in the future. This success story doesn’t stop here as we continue to support CLUBHATZ on their journey, whether it’s helping with new product launches, campaigns for limited edition products, or the addition of custom designs to showcase.

Are you chasing the same success for your business?
If you recognise any of the difficulties facing your business in CLUBHATZ' story and you're looking to improve your online presence, Thrive is the agency to turn to for expert web design services.


Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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