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Outside Structures

The Brief

Outside Structure Solutions, a family-owned business operating for over two decades, and is a proud member of the APPS Group. With a proven track record in providing and installing exquisitely designed outdoor structures such as bioclimatic pergolas and fixed canopies, along with a wide array of customisable options, Outside Structures offers bespoke solutions to tailor your ideal indoor/outdoor space.

Recognising the need to enhance the brand image and visibility of the business, Outside structures sought a new website. While their products boast top-tier standards and quality, the previous website did not reflect this distinction. Ensuring a seamless user experience was paramount, allowing visitors the ease of finding the perfect solution for their needs.

Our Process

Teaming up with Outside Structures, Thrive embarked on thorough research into the realm of outdoor structures, delving into the various materials and systems available. Understanding the enduring partnership between Outside Structures and Gibus Atelier, along with its factory-approved scheme for suppliers and installers, was pivotal in grasping the meticulous attention to detail Outside Structures invests in each product and installation. These offerings epitomise the pinnacle of Italian high-end design and craftsmanship, necessitating a website that mirrors their quality.

Ensuring a seamless user experience was also paramount, enabling visitors to easily discover desired information and find inspiration for those uncertain about their options. With Outside Structure's expert team readily available to offer additional support and guidance as needed, a straightforward yet effective contact option was crucial, facilitating users to upload schematics and plans. 

Alongside a new aspirational website, a fresh logo was also imperative, symbolising a clean, modern aesthetic that serves as the cornerstone for the website's refreshed look and feel.


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Our Solution

The new logo and website exude a contemporary vibe, enhancing the user experience for all visitors, whether they are newcomers exploring options or returning with specific needs in mind. 

The new website presents a range of options in an aspirational and emotive manner, inviting users to envision themselves embracing outdoor living, regardless of the weather. With clever functional features highlighting the advantages of integrated benefits, finding the ideal structure for your outdoor space is made easy in a clean and modern interface.