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Thrive's tips to maximising your specialty coffee roastery's online presence

In recent years, coffee roasteries have increasingly realised the importance of a well-designed website to drive sales and grow their customer base. In this blog post, we will explore how coffee roasteries can make the most of their website to sell their coffee and other products online, and why a professional and well-designed website is so important. We'll touch upon various factors that we believe are critical to the success of your coffee roastery.

Trustworthiness of a professional site design

One of the most critical elements of a successful online business is building trust with potential customers. A well-designed website that is professional and reliable can help to establish credibility for a coffee roastery, and help customers feel confident in their purchase decisions. The design of the website should reflect the brand's unique identity and be consistent with the quality of the coffee it sells.

Improved performance of a mapped out and well considered user journey

A well-thought-out user journey can help customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Understanding the needs and behaviours of potential customers and mapping out a clear and concise user journey can help to increase conversion rates and drive sales.

Provide multiple purchasing opportunities

Offering multiple purchasing journeys on a website can help to accommodate different customer preferences and make the purchasing process more accessible. Providing options for one-time purchases, subscription services, and bulk ordering can all help cater to different customer needs and increase overall sales. Subscription services can be a significant source of recurring revenue for coffee roasteries. Offering options for regular delivery of coffee blends and merchandise can help to build customer loyalty and increase overall sales. And let’s face it, once you find your favourite coffee wouldn’t it be fantastic and effortless to just have it delivered to your doorstep every month?

Ease of navigation

A well-designed website should have intuitive navigation that makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. This can include clear categories for different types of coffee and other products, a search function, and prominent links to important pages like the cart and checkout pages.

Convey USPs and main strong points of the brand

A coffee roastery's website should quickly and concisely convey its unique selling propositions and main strengths. This can include highlighting its commitment to quality and sustainability, its unique brewing methods or flavour profiles, and other key differentiators that set it apart from competitors.

Highlight the main flavour notes of each coffee blend

Highlighting the main flavour notes of each coffee blend can help customers find their favourite type of coffee and increase conversion rates. Including detailed descriptions of the flavour profile and brewing recommendations can help customers make informed purchasing decisions and feel confident in their choices.

Importance of creating an aspirational website

A website should be aspirational and inspire customers to purchase the coffee. This can be achieved by highlighting the unique flavour profiles of each coffee blend, showcasing beautiful imagery of coffee and coffee-related products, and using persuasive copy to convey the brand's values and commitment to quality.


Having worked with several coffee brands such as Change Please and Grind and Brew, we know the perfect blend to creating a bespoke website. Focusing on GOTA COFFEE EXPERTS, another client we partnered with, we showcase an example of a well-designed coffee roastery website. The homepage beautifully presents imagery of coffee beans and products, along with clear calls to action to shop and learn more about the brand. The navigation is intuitive, with clear categories for different types of coffee, brewing equipment, and merchandise. The website also offers a subscription service, which is prominently featured on the homepage.

The website does an excellent job of highlighting the brand's unique selling propositions, including its commitment to sustainability, direct trade relationships with farmers, and unique flavour profiles. Each coffee blend is described in detail, with notes on flavour profiles and brewing recommendations. The website also features a blog section, which provides additional resources and information for coffee enthusiasts.

In conclusion, a well-designed website is critical for coffee roasteries to sell their coffee and other products online. By building trust with potential customers, providing intuitive navigation, and highlighting the unique selling propositions of the brand, coffee roasteries can increase conversion rates and grow their customer base. GOTA’s website serves as an excellent example of a successful coffee roastery website.

If you need help with your brand and website design then get in touch with Thrive today, for a free consultation.

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